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This site allows you to write your own articles . By following our guidelines, you can make sure that your article will be posted.

The article content

These are our simple rules for evaluating the article content.

Unique content

The article must be written by you or your company. You are not allowed to use content found multiple places on the Internet (span), and you are wasting your time if you try to publish such content. We have ways to automatically discover and reject such content.

Copyright law

If you want to publish content that is owned by others, you need permission to do so. This is also important when you submit pictures with your articles. You have the right to quote others and add your own comments to statements by others. Remember to tell who your source is, preferably with an external link to the original source.

Content value

Your article should have a value for our readers. It may contain some new information or some factual data, it could be entertaining or you views may shed some new light over an issue discussed in the media. We don’t allow text solely promoting a product without any additional information that may have a value to our readers. However, we do allow the promotion of products or services if it is an integral part of an informative article. In such cases, please use our service for sponsored articles.


The article must be relevant for the topic covered by this site. This also ensures that what readers cares about you have to tell them.

Length of article

This is not the place for a short note in a comment field. Articles should normally contain a headline and an introduction along with the rest of the content. The total length of the article should be at least 100 words.

Article content

Here are some guidlines describing what you should and should not include in your article.

Tell who you are

You may submit articles without registering on this site and we don’t require you to tell who you are. However, if you anonymously submit undocumented claims and accusations that may be regarded as offensive to others or portray them in a negative way, it is very likely that we won’t publish your article. You might want to add a byline in the article right after the headline so that both the reader and the editorial staff know who you are. This increases your credibility and chances of getting your article published.

Trying to submit an article in another person’s name or using the name of an organization you don’t represent is illegal and may result in punitive actions.


Although focusing on a credible and objective presentation is always a good way to be acknowledged by others, there is room for a colorful language. However, the editorial staff will refuse to publish articles that contain a lot of cursing, racial slur and other inappropriate expressions that is known to be offensive. We sometimes also reject articles that are solely negative in their way they portray others at the expense of an objective and truthful presentation of your case. This is particularly important to avoid if you want to publish anonymously. We reserve the right to correct spelling mistakes and semantic errors that obscure readability, but we will not intentionally change the actual meaning in the text.


It is sometimes difficult for others to check the credibility in your statements or accusations, particularly if you submit the article anonymously. Make sure that you refer to you sources if your statements are controversial. Undocumented statements may force the editorial staff to reject your article if your statements can be considered as offensive, libelous or to protect the privacy of others.

External links

Provided that external links are relevant, you have the opportunity to add links in your article to other sites. We encourage the use of external links to sources where readers can find additional information or information that supports the reason for your point of view. You may also link to sites that contains information about events or activities you are discussing. However, if you want to link to sites that mainly offers products and services, you should post a sponsored article.

Advertisement and promotions

Articles should primarily promote products and services. However, we do allow articles about upcoming events, particularly from non-commercial or idealistic organizations. The condition is that the article serves as more than just a product placement. Feel free submit your articles about upcoming cultural events, sports events and so on. If you wish to promote you new product, you may do so by following the conditions for
sponsored articles .